Open Access

Open Access Week is an international event organized by SPARC that aims to raise awareness and encourage greater participation in making open access a new means of disseminating scholarship.

The University of Ottawa is actively participating in Open Access Week. Find out more about:


  • Increase the visibility and impact of your research

    Open access is revolutionizing how scholarly research is disseminated. Scholars supporting open access benefit from greater visibility, which can, in turn, increase the impact of their research. Learn of different initiatives at the University to assist you in extending the reach of your research such as our institutional repository (uO Research) and our Author Fund. A light snack will be served.

    • Tuesday, October 19 from 12pm to 1pm (in French)
      Morisset Hall, room 211
    • Wednesday, October 20 from 12pm to 1pm (in English)
      Morisset Hall, room 211
    Register online (through TLSS's site)

  • Join professors Mary Cavanagh (Information Studies) and Rocci Luppicini (Communication) as they present and discuss the award-winning NFB documentary RiP: A remix manifesto.

    This documentary "explores issues of copyright in the information age, mashing up the media landscape of the 20th century and shattering the wall between users and producers."

    • Wednesday, October 20 from 7:30pm to 9:30pm (in English)
      Morisset Hall, room 015

  • Creating innovative solutions using open data

    The City of Ottawa has made available various data sets to improve citizen engagement and foster the development of innovative digital applications. Developers Edward Ocampo-Gooding and Daniel Beauchamp will showcase various apps that use open data; the City's CIO, Guy Michaud, will discuss the City's Open Data Contest; and researcher Tracey Lauriault will highlight scholarly uses of open data. Participants will also have the opportunity to network and discuss open data apps.

    • Thursday, October 21 from 5pm to 7pm (in English)
      Desmarais Hall, room 4101



    • Funding agency panel: Opening up access

      Canada's granting agencies have undertaken varying strategies to address open access. Panelists from CIHR, SSHRC and NSERC will share their agencies' approaches to open access. Agencies with an open access mandate will describe their process and address issues that they encountered along the way. Those without a mandate will share how their agency views open access and describe initiatives that have been undertaken to support open access. Hosted by the University of Toronto

      Monday, October 18 from 12pm to 1:30pm

      More information | Connect to webcast (event available on Oct. 18)
    • A critical theory of open in the digital era: A dialogue between John Willinsky and Andrew Feenberg

      Stepping for a moment beyond the open access question of the right to free online journal articles, Andrew Feenberg and John Willinsky will explore, in dialogue, issues surrounding the larger concept and spirit of open, as it tends to infuse seemingly utopian Internet developments, while drawing on their shared interest in the Critical Theory traditions of the last century. Hosted by Simon Fraser University

      Thursday, October 21 from 8am to 9:30am Eastern

      More information | Connect to webcast (event available on Oct. 21)
    • One-hour Webcasts from Athabasca University

      Full program schedule available on Athabasca University's Open Access Week Web site. All Webcasts are at 2pm Eastern.

    • Open Access Week 2010 (SPARC)

      This video launches the activities surrounding International Open Access Week. Dr. Mona Nemer, Vice-President, Research at the University of Ottawa, discusses University initiatives and advantages of open access.
    • Open Access Week 2010 (Canadian Association of Research Libraries)

    • Open Access 101 (SPARC)

    • Open access described by André Brown, graduate student

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