Open Access

What is it?

Open access publishing represents a new way of disseminating research.

In 2002, the Open Society Institute adopted the Budapest Open Access Initiative, which outlines the basic tenets and principles surrounding open access, and promotes an "international effort to make research articles in all academic fields freely available on the internet."

Significant progress has been made over the past 10 years. At a meeting in 2012, many open access pioneers met to adopt new recommendations, Ten years on from the Budapest Open Access Initiative: setting the default to open.

To achieve these ambitious objectives, it is imperative that, individually, scholars consider new means of publishing or depositing research in open access resources.

Open access provides scholars with an opportunity to extend the reach of their research and to increase its impact. Making research readily and freely accessible through open access resources leads to greater awareness and use of new knowledge.

Open access benefits both academia and society as a whole.

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Last update 2012-10-19